Beautifully savage provides a three-core boxing methodology that ensures the savage within reflects the one you show to the world — a fighter of integrity, physicality, and understanding.


Our “punch by numbers” technique provides a scalable approach to boxing that aligns with beginners and experienced fighters alike. We provide a blueprint foundation to further build and hone your fighting skills, ensuring you walk away from each session feeling fit, shredded and more understanding of pugilism as an art form.


Our studio focus stretches beyond traditional training. It’s a combination approach to boxing that targets numerous muscle groups throughout your workout, so you get more from every fist thrown and landed: combo work on heavy bags, focus mitts and functional training with ropes, TRX bands and plyometric boxes.


Like us, you’re on a mission of always becoming. Because to be your best, you’ve got to break it all down and build it back up again. One day at a time. One workout at a time. One round at a time. Over and over again the process repeats itself until the “savage mindset” is evident in how you look and feel.

Whatever you’ve determined as your fitness goals — and whatever you need to support them — our lion’s den awaits with workout packages tailored to make you the sinewy beast you seek to become. High-output cardio. Fast-flow plyometrics. Focused core work. All while bridging the gap between your physical conquests with newfound razor-sharp mental acuity. Gloves on or off, it’s time to roam through the jungles of technique and sweat hard while you do it, burning calories on your hunt toward transcendence, stopping only to slake your thirst as needed.


Fighting Shape is a group fitness class for individuals. A fiercely energetic group training that will burn calories and tone your body to help you achieve that strong, confident and lean fighting shape. Proper boxing techniques will be shared to get the most out of your class and ensure you have a fun workout. A mix of high-intensity boxing based classes, stretching and core work to reach your full potential and hit your fitness goals.

What To Expect During Class:

45 Minute Sweat Session
12 Rounds Of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
6 Rounds On The Bag
6 Rounds Of Functional Fitness
All fueled by the hottest hip hop beats and mash-ups to help you get the most out of your session


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