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Personal Trainers

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The combined training experience of the Trainers at Loveland Athletic Club is more then 25 years.

It is the trainers’ goal to make everyone who comes to the club feels comfortable, no matter what stage you are in your fitness experience.  All the trainers thoroughly enjoy helping people to achieve their goals and are capable of training for all levels of fitness.

Our trainers offer the best and most complete training for your investment and you find no better then these gentlemen at Loveland Athletic Club!

3 Benefits of Using a Personal Trainer

1.  A Personal Trainer Can Help You Get Started

Staying motivated can be a challenge for anyone, especially if you haven’t worked out consistently in a while.  In fact, motivation is the #1 hurdle that people face when beginning a new workout, so there is no shame in using a personal trainer to give a little “boost” when you need it.  They say that can take up to 3 months to create a good habit (or rid yourself of a bad one), so why not use a personal trainer to get you over the hump?

2.  A Personal Trainer Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals

Whether your goal is to increase your strength, lose weight, build muscle, or just be healthier, a personal trainer can customize a diet and workout plan that is right for you and your goals.  Our knowledgeable staff has already helped hundreds of people achieve their goals successfully and safely, and they can help you too.

3.  A Personal Trainer Can Help You Stay Safe

If you you are not exercising correctly, it can lead to an injury.  Injuries not only hurt, but they can keep you from accomplishing your health and fitness goals.  Using correct form involves using the correct form, the correct body positioning and lifting a weight that is both challenging and safe.  An experienced personal trainer can help you with all of these things, which allows you to focus on your fitness goals without wondering if you exercising safely.

Meet the Personal Trainers of Loveland Athletic Club!

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Jay WattersonJeremiah Sanchez
         Jay Watterson             Jeremiah Sanchez

Kelly ShufflerTim Carstensen

Kelly Shuffler                Tim Carstensen

Jason Black

Jason Black

Loveland Athletic Club

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