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Nutrition is personal and no two people are the same. Where they are in their life, their age, body type, daily routines and personal eating habits and goals can all drive the definition of good nutrition to them and what that is made up of. Knowing this these classes are intended to look at nutrition in a 380 way and pull back the curtin on labels, what to look for and what the words mean, so your choices are your choices. Then based on your goals what works for you as an active or sediment person. This is an exchange class of questions and answers and sharing what worked and what did not. 


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Jay Watterson Owner/Personal Coach

22 years Experience in Nutrition

Profile to come

Dalton Ervin Certified Body Transformation and Nutrition

12 years Experience

Profile to come

Tim Black Health & Recreation Pro

35 yrs in Nutrition and Food Labeling

Profile to come

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