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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

They built the Country, raised children, they were our teachers, our fireman, our scientist and engineers. Their history and talents of part of Our Great Legacy and They Have Our Respect and "Thank You".

LAC Working with Our Senior members, now 20% of our active members base, has formed the Legacy Senior's Club. A Club within Our Club


Legacy Seniors Our Story

What is the Legacy Club? It is a Club that meets twice per month and sets topics of interest

Experts are drawn from the senior members and the broader GYM membership, staff and outside experts in the Topic. These individuals are asked to be a guest to lead the discussion on the topic, were questions can be asked, experiences exchanged and new knowledge gained, important to the group. The Club has full access to LAC facility and all activities, training , meeting rooms , personnel and equipment. Already the Legacy group is asking for specially designed exercise classes and gym floor time slot designed for senior's adjusted programs that better fit this uniques membership base and it has just begun. If the senior member has silver sneakers, renew active or active and fit or silver and fit insurance coverage, This program and classes are covered at no added expense to the legacy member. For those not covered by these programs, the Legacy Club membership Club fee will be a low $10 per month . Non LAC seniors can be guest at meetings for a small meeting charge....more to come , get information and sign up  Here

Over 250 Members at the LAC Club


The Seniors & Special Health Insurace Programs We Accept. Insurance members are asked to check at least 1 time per month to maintain their active account with LAC 

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Special Regular GYM Rates For Non Insured
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